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We want our products to meet your expectations in every way - delivery, description, ease of use - and usually we succeed. However, sometimes things don't go as planned. Call us if there is anything wrong so we can discuss how to rectify the issue. We'd rather make it right and keep you as a happy returning customer who refers us to all your friends because of our great products and customer service than return your money but know that it isn't always possible. So, in general, our policy is... call us to discuss what's up and together we'll find the best solution.

Here's what might go wrong...

  • Your order doesn't arrive when you believe it should. Call us. (844) 460-4600 Every order is shipped with a tracking number which we actually watch daily (yeah, we really do!) so chances are we're already starting to get nervous about it not arriving. We know you need your order in plenty of time before guests arrive so be sure to call us (844) 460-4600 as soon as you start wondering where your order is.
  • What you receive it not what you are expecting. This used to happen occasionally when we carried both edible and plastic toppers with almost identical names but rarely happens now. Perhaps you had us create a personalized item for you and it isn't correct. Pick up that phone and call us (844) 460-4600 as soon as possible! Please keep in mind that color variations have to be expected and won't be returnable or refundable because colors can vary greatly on different monitors. Wrong colors, call us. Wrong shade, probably not.
  • The edible cake decor bent or tore while trying to apply it. We try to tell everyone how important it is to adequately loosen edible toppers from the backing paper over the edge of a counter or table. We will not refund if a little piece tears off. Inevitably there are one or two toppers a year that just refuse to be separated and seemingly disintegrate. Should this happen to you, take pictures (if possible) and call us (844) 460-4600. Remember that edible decor is delicate and should be handled with care to avoid breakage or damage.